Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Management

Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Management

More and more clinical trials are relying on Clinical Outcome Assessments (COA) to measure critical patient-centered information, but the administrative burdens of the related content can be significant. TransPerfect's multilingual e-clinical solution creates a scalable solution to securely manage Clinical Outcome Assessments and all related documentation, significantly increasing efficiencies in the clinical development and trial processes while giving secure visibility to all internal and external stakeholders. Our solution enables you to employ a centralized provider, streamlining solutions for Global Health Outcomes teams.


TransPerfect COA Management Solutions provide one central location for all COA and HEOR materials, reducing the administrative burden of identifying available content at the start of each new study and preventing users from keeping shadow files – giving confidence that users have access to the right document at the right time.


Deployment requires minimal training for users and administrators, and can be accessed via the internet from anywhere around the globe. Intuitive design reduces extra mouse clicks and data-entry screens.


Configurable reports can be made available to relevant team members and senior management including Expiring Contracts/Documents, Instrument Type, and various others.

Digital Signatures

Optional digital identity and signature functionality that complies with regulatory requirements can enable a completely paperless process.

Configurable Security

Viewing restrictions can be enabled for selected documents by individual users or groups, such as HEOR, eCOA partners, Language Partners, Clinical Project Managers or any other vendors.



21 CFR Part 11

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