Mobile TMF Management & Clinical Document Collaboration
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myTI Highlights
  • Document Image Update for Expired Documents and Query Resolutions
  • Document Redaction
  • Language Localization
  • Customized Copy Certification Requirement Text
  • Biometric Authentication Enablement
  • SSO Enablement for myTI
  • Document Approval
  • To-Do List Management
  • On-site CRA Reconciliation
  • Visual Dashboard with Drill-Down Insights
  • Geo Positioning to Nearby Sites
  • Document Search
  • Offline Mode
  • Perspective Correction
  • Ability to Upload and Manage Site Documents in Site Portal
  • Instant Document Upload to TI
  • Ability to Certify Copies
  • Query Management
  • CRA Reconciliation and Report
  • Regulated Controlled Document Workflow Review and Approval with eSignature
  • Online Help & Contact Support
myTI saves valuable time scanning, uploading, and publishing documents live to Trial Interactive.

CRAs can sign in using Touch ID® or Face ID® and safely and securely capture documents; no documents are stored on the device itself.

Capture, index, and publish documents to TI from a phone or tablet device. Once a document is captured, myTI users can easily apply metadata, upload, and publish the document to TI.

myTI users also can perform controlled document workflow steps right from the app, such as reviews, edits, and approvals of documents with eSignatures.

Experience the advantage of having TI available anytime, anywhere.

Mobile CRA reconciliation and site visits
  • Easy Electronic Storage for Site Documents
  • Mobile Device Access to Document Reviews, and Approvals, and eSignatures
  • Secure Biometric Login System
  • Compliant with Global Regulations
  • Reduced Paper Transport Costs
  • Expedited Document Submission and Approval
  • Proactive Completeness View
Mobile CRA Reconciliation

View, review, and classify documents as part of the CRA’s on-site site binder review to ensure quality. Email a site any missing documents from the TMF and maintain a log of all documents reviewed.

Provide a means for CRAs to review site documents and assess their readiness for TMF publication.

Help your CRAs plan and execute reconciliation tasks to save time and money on travel and administration!