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A 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant eISF and Site Portal for Remote Document Verification and Management


Experience the Benefits of Trial Interactive Remote Monitoring

  • Use a simple site-facing solution for study-related document collection and review
  • Facilitate and document essential document and/or remote source data verification activities

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  • ​​​​Create separate, configurable folders for content containing PHI
  • Protect PHI with document de-identification & redaction

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  • Multiple site access from a single room with controlled, site-specific document access
  • Access the help desk (email/phone support) 24/7

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  • A dedicated study email to send documents to the portal inbox
  • IOS and Android mobile app, myTI, to scan documents and directly upload them to the study portal
  • Access to controlled direct upload by site personnel where only their respective Site Files can be viewed

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Address the Most Common Challenges of Remote Monitoring

  • Submit and manage site documentation

  • Provide secure access for site personnel

  • Simplify CRA review with mobile reconciliation

  • Automate filing and naming of documents

  • Sign documents with automatic eSignature

Download and Watch

Listen to our own Trial Interactive President, Michael Smyth and MANA RBM's, Penelope Manasco, MD discuss how to start enabling remote operations

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[Webinar] Implementing Remote Trial Management - Proven Approaches for a Quick and Effective Launch!

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