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TMF Education

Maintain inspection readiness and a complete, compliant TMF with the world's only accredited TMF University and customized corporate training.

Fill Critical Knowledge Gaps with TMF Education

TMF University offers interactive instructor-led courses and multiple certifications. These courses are synchronous, collaborative, and online with small class sizes and structured learning rhythms.

All students attending this real-time, collaborative, online university will take synchronous, instructor-led courses. Each course is three hours long. Each learning level consists of three, 2-hour modules for a total of nine hours of course instruction within the learning level. TMF University offers four cohorts a year with conveniently scheduled training sessions for professionals. Schedule a Call >

There are three learning levels. Developed for those currently working in the TMF, the Discovery classes will provide learners with a solid foundation of TMF fundamentals. Upon completion of Levels 1 and 2, you can earn the status of Qualified TMF Associate. Successfully completing all three levels will result in the Qualified TMF Manager status. Schedule a Call >

TMF University offers a more robust, involved program where individuals walk away with professional credentialing. Individual learners attend courses, complete individual competency assessments, and receive individualized comments from assessors through a feedback loop until they pass the assessment.  Schedule a Call >

Small classroom sizes and regular weekly office hours allow for courses to be highly collaborative. Learners can easily interact with instructors for feedback and ask questions in real-time. They can also interact with colleagues from other organizations to hear firsthand how other TMF stakeholders are working in the TMF space. Schedule a Call >



Cohort sizes are limited to ensure students have the opportunity to collaborate with instructors and industry colleagues for TMF guidance. Schedule a Call >

All TMF University courses are accredited by The International Accrediting Organization for Clinical Research (IAOCR), the world’s only organization that qualifies Clinical Research Professionals to international standards. Additionally, our instructors and our assessors are formally accredited and credentialed through the IAOCR. Once students complete the competency assessments, they will receive accreditation and credential statuses based on the number of courses they complete. Schedule a Call >

TMF University Certification and Accreditation Options

Certificate of Participation

Earned for each course module attended within a learning level without the completion of the related competency assessment.

International Accreditation by learning level (Discovery, Immersion, Mastery)

Completion of all course modules related to competency assessments within the learning level.

Internationally Qualified TMF Professional Status

Completion of all required course modules and related competency assessments for Qualified TMF Associate (Silver) and/or Qualified TMF Manager (Gold) qualifications.

Download the TMF University Course Guide
TMF Corporate Training & Education

Our Corporate Training & Education offering is a non-accredited training option customized to your real-world environment. This workshop-based offering bridges the knowledge gap on common TMF pain points and provides relevant TMF guidance.

Corporate training and education is designed for organizations looking to train their TMF management team or train their general TMF stakeholders. Typically, organizations will sponsor corporate training workshop(s) for their team. Schedule a Call >


Organizations can choose from 8 out-of-the-box courses and have the ability to modify course topics and length to meet their needs. Our TMF experts team works with organizations to customize the course with company-specific information such as SOPs, resourcing models, eTMF systems, and more. Schedule a Call >

Workshops can either be live, instructor-led training via Zoom, or live on-site. Learners have the option to participate in knowledge checks and brief exercises, but will not complete a formal assessment. At the end of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate of attendance.  Schedule a Call >


Corporate training workshops are entirely customizable. If an organization sees their stakeholders struggling with a particular area in TMF management, we can focus on that specific area. Common knowledge gaps include document QC, TMF QC, inspection readiness, and general TMF overview.  Schedule a Call >

Corporate training benefits TMF stakeholders who may not work with the TMF everyday but need TMF guidance to know the overall importance of the TMF for larger business operations. Learners will gain introductory knowledge about the TMF, why it’s important, and why stakeholder engagement matters. Schedule a Call >

Corporate education is flexible and provides the ability for organizations to tailor and modify training content to meet their unique needs and knowledge gaps. Learners are not required to take assessments or follow structured course content. Schedule a Call >

Download the Corporate Training Guide

Download The Ultimate TMF Resource Pack (2023 Edition)

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