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Investigative Site Training

Protect the Integrity of Endpoints and Patient Safety with Site Training.


Eliminate 100% of travel costs with remote site training

Regulations require that investigator training must be conducted and documented for every study. The training logistics, expenses, and time invested for investigative site meetings places an unnecessary burden on study teams. Start delivering remote training now, and automatically certify personnel upon successful course completion. Then, instantly index records in the eTMF!

Protect the Integrity of Endpoints and Patient Safety.

  • Easy course creation and investigative meetings and site personnel

  • Supports all media for flexible content delivery (eLearning, PowerPoint, PDF, video, etc.)

  • Multilingual interface for global study teams

  • Real-time analytics dashboard for training oversight

  • Connected to the Trial Interactive Content Management and eTMF solutions for a seamless data and document experience

  • 21 CFR Part 11 eSignature for relevant courses