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10+ Years of E-Clinical Innovation.

Millions of documents processed.
Thousands of active eTMFs.
One "Author-to-Archive Platform" for your clinical documents.

Trial Interactive is leading study teams into the future of clinical document collaboration and inspection readiness.

TI10 is powered by a new look and feel that emphasizes transparency, immediate user-defined reporting, and the fewest clicks to action. An Author-to-Archive approach to document processes captures the complete end-to-end lifecycle from the creation of a document all the way through its ultimate indexing in the eTMF.

There is so much to talk about, but you should really see it for yourself.

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Trial Interactive Suite of Solutions

Cloud Based | Secure | 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Your end-to-end service provider for running streamlined and efficient clinical trials.

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Collaborate | Track | Enable | Manage

Are you sick of dealing with unreliable and difficult-to-track paper and hard-format media?

Go Paperless

If you're ready for an eTMF, make sure you choose a 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant eTMF solution

Trial Interactive
is the eTMF platform
for over
ongoing studies

Why? Because we
make things


EASY global access, 24/7/365
EASY reporting and audit trails
EASY standardization and centralization of files
EASY risk mitigation
EASY cost savings over traditional TMF
EASY management of submission packages
AND  excellent quality management

Always be Inspection Ready

Hear from Peter Benton, President of Worldwide Clinical Trials,
about their experiences with the Trial Interactive eTMF solution.

The Benefits of Trial Interactive:
Value Across the Clinical Trial Lifecycle

  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Control cost of ownership of your e-clinical investment
  • Stay inspection-ready
  • Remove administrative and oversight burden and challenges
  • Lower cost of TMF maintenance
  • Lower quality risks (reduce CAPAs and deviations)
  • Ensure document and data security
  • Enable CRO and sponsor collaboration
  • Work efficiently with an intuitive, clinical research-focused user experience
  • Speed processes through the entire clinical lifecycle from site ID to closeout
  • (CROs) Increase profitability and win trials
  • Speed implementation and user adoption and increase daily active users
  • Configure the platform to your business requirements with optimal flexibility
  • Port documents/metadata across systems easily
  • Access TMF experts for help with best practices
  • Leverage FDA, EMA, MHRA inspection experience
  • Scale your team for TMF management as needed
  • Submit feature ideas to a highly responsive product team
  • Train your study personnel with compliance focused learning management
  • Improve quality and operational excellence
  • 24/7 global, multilingual help desk support

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