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Patient Training

40% of participants will not adhere to the prescribed treatment.

Sponsors and CROs with patient engagement strategies that include elearning are more effective in ensuring adherence. Like any group of people, managing groups of study participants means navigating the complexity of individual behavior. The better participants are educated on their treatment, the better you can help manage that complexity to reduce their risks and reduce costs through improved patient retention.


  • Deliver Drug Adherence Information

  • Track Learner Progress in Real Time

  • Centralize Learning Content

  • Ensure Knowledge Retention with Small Doses of Learning

  • Improve Participant Safety

  • Improve Participant Retention

  • Reduce Expenses from Participant Attrition

  • Protect Data Integrity

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Protect your data! Lack of adherence is a data integrity risk. Training and retraining participants can help to keep them mindful of their important role in the process.