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Investigator Meetings

Reduce in-person training expenses, increase productivity, and reduce compliance risks with a remote event solution.

Investigator Meetings is a configurable, remote training solution and add-on to our GlobalLearn Learning Management System (LMS).

In-person training events require investigators and study coordinators to meet in one location, which requires lots of travel, logistics planning, large costs and missed hours of work, which is why only 40 - 60% of investigators are able to attend. Investigator Meetings provides an engaging, company-branded way to remotely train site personnel on clinical trial protocol and execution of study activities while reducing the amount of time, money and lost productivity usually incurred by in-person events.

investigator meeting

Conduct virtual meetings designed specifically for investigator training.

Investigator Meetings Highlights

Investigator meeting features
  • Share attendance data across training systems to easily track, validate and report completed participation.
  • Send invitations and virtual investigator meeting agendas to participants and manage registration from one source for efficient event management.
  • View calendar of scheduled events and sessions to keep track of what training events are ahead.
  • Configure your instance with corporate colors and logo for a seamless brand experience.
  • Use a mobile-friendly interface to easily access training events and resources from your tablet or phone.
  • Leverage engagement tools to chat with meeting participants and team members, conduct real-time Q&A sessions with attendees, and more.
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Simplify clinical trial training management and cut meeting costs by up to 95%.

  • Reduce In-Person Training Expenses

  • Create a Seamless, Automated Registration Process

  • Improve Investigator Meeting Management

  • Increase Investigator Meeting Attendance

  • Optimize Meeting Agendas

  • Increase Training Oversight

  • Reduce or Eliminate Compliance Risks

  • Effectively Train All Study Personnel

  • Increase Operational Excellence

  • Track Real-Time Training Completeness