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Train and certify study teams with an eClinical Learning Management System

Study teams face a professional landscape where regulations are constantly evolving, and inspections are performed with greater scrutiny. Effective training delivery is a proven approach to reducing risks while boosting performance.

Training management and delivery have become increasingly crucial components of clinical operations, allowing teams to run studies with peace of mind and maintain inspection readiness. Deliver compliance training programs to study personnel anywhere in the world, on any device.

GlobalLearn Compliance-Focused LMS

A compliance-focused clinical LMS helps sponsors, CROs, and sites reduce training expenses, increase training oversight, reduce compliance risks, effectively train study personnel, and increase operational excellence. Find out how you can reduce on-site investigator meeting costs by up to 95%!

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Study Team Training

A collaborative and controlled document authoring and quality document lifecycle solution that, together with GlobalLearn, provides a full training management system. Including 21 CFR Part 11 compliant processes and approvals, the study team training solution offers an end-to end platform for authoring content and delivering content to relevant personnel for training and training certification.

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Investigator Meetings

A remote, web-based training solution for investigator meetings to be conducted remotely for clinical study conduct and execution. Virtual Investigator Meetings reduce training expenses and compliance risks, while ensuring training efficiency, with an engaging platform for study personnel and study teams.

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Launch Effective Training and Reduce Expenses

  • Eliminate Training Logistics Costs

  • Reduce Compliance Risks

  • Improve Training Oversight

  • Access Training Material Anytime, Anywhere

  • Promote Accountability and Risk Awareness

  • Get Real-Time Training Insights

  • Improve Operational Excellence

  • Seamlessly Publish SOPs, Protocols, and More Directly to the LMS from TI Content Management Solutions

  • Improve Quality Management