Investigator Database

Identify Investigative Sites
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  • Find Global Sites and Investigators with Ease
  • Quickly Identify Relevant Sites and Investigators
  • Reuse Site and Investigator Collections
  • Save 25% on Patient Enrollment Costs
  • Avoid Delays and Shorten Activation Time by 8 Months
  • Reduce Risk of Site Failure by Identifying the Best-Fit Sites

Identify investigators and sites from accredited public sources like, NIHR, and PubMed among others—providing detailed records for over 300,000 investigators and 100,000 sites.

  • Import historical investigator and site data to build a proprietary database tailored to your research requirements.
  • Search TI DataPool’s extensive database, and filter results based on study-specific parameters—including, but not limited to, geographical location, therapeutic area, training, past experience in clinical trials, and contact information—to find the best-fit sites.
  • Create collections of investigators and sites to aid in future site identification efforts and to expedite feasibility.
  • Send data to TI Feasibility to start sending site feasibility questionnaires and send response data back to TI DataPool to further enhance site and investigator data for future studies.
  • Ensure efficiency in your patient enrollment budget by identifying best-fit sites to lower risks of failed sites