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A Network of Investigative Sites for Fast and Simple Site Identification

Clinical Investigator Database

Trial Interactive’s powerful site/investigator database helps expedite the path to site activation by making it easy to identify and prequalify relevant sites around the world. Over 50% of sites fail to successfully enroll patients. Easily search for, qualify, and see sites through to activation to avoid enrollment challenges and loss of investments.
investigator database site identification
investigator database

Investigator Database Highlights

  • Search an Exhaustive Collection of Public Data
  • Leverage Your Historical Site/Investigator Data
  • Search & Filter Sites and Investigators
  • Save Site/Investigator Collections
  • Identify Sites Through Study Start-Up
  • Speed SFQs & Enhance Site/Investigator Data
  • Multilingual Translation Support
  • 24/7 Help Desk (Email/Phone Support)
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Start Simplifying Site Identification Now!

  • Find Global Sites and Investigators with Ease

  • Quickly Identify Relevant Sites and Investigators

  • Reuse Site and Investigator Collections

  • Save 25% on Patient Enrollment Costs

  • Avoid Delays and Shorten Activation Time by 8 Months

  • Reduce Risk of Site Failure by Identifying the Best-Fit Sites

Identify investigators and sites from accredited public sources like, NIHR, and PubMed among others—providing detailed records for over 300,000 investigators and 100,000 sites.

  • Import historical investigator and site data to build a proprietary database tailored to your research requirements.
  • Search Investigator Database’s extensive database, and filter results based on study-specific parameters—including, but not limited to, geographical location, therapeutic area, training, past experience in clinical trials, and contact information—to find the best-fit sites.
  • Create collections of investigators and sites to aid in future site identification efforts and to expedite feasibility.
  • Send data to TI eFeasibility to start sending site feasibility questionnaires and send response data back to Investigator Database to further enhance site and investigator data for future studies.
  • Ensure efficiency in your patient enrollment budget by identifying best-fit sites to lower risks of failed sites.