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trial management
investigator database
Investigator Database

Speed site selection with an investigator database designed to easily search, identify, and qualify sites around the world. Seamless interoperability with TI E-Feasibility and eTMF.


Speed site selection with a configurable survey module to contact, assess, and prequalify sites. Screen sites for inclusion and save surveys and collected data for future use.

study start-up
Study Start-Up

Accelerate site activation by simplifying the collection, completion, and finalization of critical regulatory documentation necessary for approval to bring a site online.

eISF icon

An investigative site file solution that reduces administration and improves speed and compliance for site personnel and study teams with digital investigative site binder processes.

etmf icon

A practical, secure, and compliant single access point for TMF documentation, supporting all essential document processes and reducing the time, costs, and risks of TMF management.

content management
Content Management

A shared workspace for sponsors, CROs, and sites to share and author documentation. Author and approve required documentation across the clinical lifecycle and automatically send to the LMS for training or index in the eTMF for real-time inspection readiness.


Manage the execution of a clinical trial, including site progress and team performance, while providing visibility into individual tasks. Trial Interactive's CTMS is mobile-first and designed to deliver the information you need.