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Discover Our New CTMS

Trial Interactive's CTMS

Clinical Trial Management System

Trial Management: Simplified

Get a single source of truth for your clinical operations with TI CTMS. Study managers and CRAs need a simple planning and tracking solution that focuses on monitoring requirements. A mobile-first interface places important actions and information at your fingertips.

CTMS – Built By Clinical for Clinical

  • Expertise – Informed by 28+ years of clinical development understanding of what is (and is not) needed from a practical trial management solution

  • Practicality – Focused on the simplest, most practical features (not on heavy configuration)

  • Service – Backed by a global professional and technical services team with premium support for any requests necessary to succeed

  • Speed – Designed for quick setup, for one study or many studies

  • Content and eTMF – Built-in clinical content solution, to create, collaboratively review, approve, and publish to the eTMF archive while providing complete transparency to all tasks, activity, and data (with a complete author-to-archive audit trail)

  • Mobile – Designed to be mobile-first, providing a fully-functional Site Visit app, along with existing content management and eTMF mobile experiences

  • Study Start-Up – Built-in Study Start-Up solution for planning, content collection, submission, submission with timelines prediction, and submission tracking

  • Full-Trial Solution – Designed as a full eClinical trial management solution from planning and monitoring to EDC, Site Payments, Contracting, and Budgeting, along with content management and eTMF

Easy to Setup | Use | See | Take Action

With built-in content management, study start-up, learning management, and eTMF solutions, you have a complete, central solution for on-site and remote trial management.


Connect your clinical operations with TI CTMS. Link every trial to its corresponding content management and/or eTMF rooms.


  • Dashboards with oversight and visualizations on enrollment, milestones, activities, documents, and plans.
  • Study View provides a clear layout of countries, sites, regions, organizations, contacts, activities, milestones, plans, documents, and much more.
  • Milestones for a simple view of the overall study, showing both planned and actual milestones by date, priority, and risk.
  • Manage the study team within the TI CTMS, simplifying access rights. A comprehensive set of metadata may be defined in the study for a single source of truth.
  • Publish and apply activity plan templates across multiple countries, sites, and subjects.
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Site monitoring anytime, anywhere. TI CTMS makes it easier for CRAs and study managers to monitor investigative sites.


  • Dashboards with visual insights on subjects, enrollment, milestones, activities, documents, and plans. The study manager can assess deviation or safety trends, visit report cycle times, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Get a clear layout of regions, site users, organizations, contacts, activities, milestones, plans, documents, communications, tasks, deviations, issues, and much more with the Site View.
  • Manage activities and activity plans or centrally publish to the site from a standard set of templates.
  • View progress with visit schedules, planned and completed activities, protocol information, ICF tracking, deviations, and safety reports. Trend screening failures, protocol visit windows, and required activities.
  • Track site status, including oversight of the site selection process and study start-up status.
  • Manage site contact records for communication logs, site roles, IP and supply shipment addresses, and CRA assignments.
  • Track site documents, upload and reference critical documents, and seamlessly publish to the TI eTMF.
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CTMS Highlights

  • Author-to-Archive Site Portal to eTMF

  • Mobile CRA Monitoring App for Visit Reporting

  • Visual Reporting and Configurable Dashboards

  • Clinical Portfolio, Program, and Product Management

  • Sponsor, Site, Vendor, and Lab Management

  • Country and Region Management

  • Activity Plans with Milestones

  • Subject and Subject Visit Management

  • Letters and Report Creation

  • Better Data Quality through Standard Business Practices

  • Protocol Deviation and Issue Tracking

  • Clinical Trial Performance and Reporting

  • Flexible Support for Many Trial Designs

  • Built-In, Best-In-Class Content and eTMF

  • Site Activation and Study Start-Up

  • Configurable Reports with Custom Fields

  • Document Workflows with eSignature Approvals

  • Powerful Web Services and Digital Interoperability

  • EDC, IXRS, and Payment Integrations

  • 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 Compliant

A CTMS should make it easy to track your many study-specific activities

While also allowing you to generate any required documentation and facilitate team collaboration

Everyone working on the trial should have immediate, transparent access to information. The planning, preparation, execution, oversight, and reporting of this information should be efficient and work the same way the study team works. Using a CTMS should not feel like a chore; it should help to move the trial forward in a compliant way every day.

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Part of the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Trial Interactive eClinical platform.

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