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What is Trial Interactive?

An Industry Leading Author-to-Archive Platform for Improving Speed, Compliance, Quality, and Oversight

Our Mission

Straighten Your Path To Get Life-Changing Products to Patients.

TransPerfect’s Trial Interactive is an industry leader in practical, global eClinical innovation that simplifies and automates clinical processes for sponsors, CROs, and sites around the world. The 21 CFR part 11 compliant unified platform delivers an author-to-archive collaboration experience with solutions for clinical document management, site selection, site activation, e-learning, compliance training, quality, and more with seamless solution interoperability and indexing to the eTMF. Trial Interactive is consistently selected by clinical professionals for providing the most comprehensive yet intuitive experience with the most complete offering of technology and expert TMF services. Trial Interactive helps study teams streamline their operations by cutting unnecessary expenses, expediting timelines, reducing compliance risks, and improving operational excellence.


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Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Quality

  • Service

  • Own It

  • Urgency

  • Respect

  • Teamwork

  • Diversity

  • Financial Responsability

  • Results

Our Story

In the years before eTMF was even a word, we were the supporting clinical development and product commercialization efforts around the world. It was not very long ago when clinical processes were entirely on paper. Study teams needed options to reduce unnecessary challenges in the speed of operations, eliminating compliance risks, and the overall costs associated with administration, oversight, and paper-driven processes.

As business process innovators with 60+ products across industries and global markets, we saw that the future of clinical operations was paperless and that process automation and real-time data insights would be keys to addressing these risk, time, and cost challenges for study teams around the world.

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Global Support

TransPerfect Life Sciences specializes in supporting global development and commercialization of drugs, treatments, and devices designed to improve and save lives. Our comprehensive solutions include eTMF and eClinical technologies, paper TMF migration, pharmacovigilance and safety solutions, translation and language services, and call center support, With offices in over 90 cities worldwide, TransPerfect is the ideal partner to ensure that your global launch makes a global impact.

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Your Mission: Get Life-Changing Products to Patients.

Our Mission: Straighten the Path.