E-Feasibility is the configurable survey application within the Trial Interactive e-clinical platform. Efficient feasibility work flows make it easy to select site contacts, configure questionnaires, schedule questionnaire emails to site contacts, collect responses and other essential documentation, analyze incoming responses with real-time reporting, and rank site contacts to reduce the cycle time and get qualified sites into Study Start-Up.

Expedite Site Prequalification and Selection

Host Site
Info Securely

Create and Send
Surveys with Ease

Site Selection

Automate Feasibility

Get Real-Time
Response Data

35% Faster site selection: contact, assess, and prequalify sites.

  • Automated Site Scoring
  • Integration With eTMF
  • Contact Management
  • CDA Document Capture/E-Signature
  • Auto-Save Capabilities
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Questionnaires Library
  • Question, Email, and Page Templates
  • Automated Survey Distribution
  • Archived Survey Data
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Secure Cloud Hosting

Reduce site feasibility costs and time with configurable,
automated questionnaires and real-time reporting

Recent Updates and Improvements

  • System Generated Questions:
    Users will have the ability to create forms based on form templates for site feasibility, monitoring report, and rater questionnaire. These templates can be configured to your organization's needs and are easy to access and reuse for future questionnaires.

  • Submit Responses:
    Users can now submit responses on behalf of the submitter. This feature helps capture offline investigator responses communicated to the sponsor/CRO (publisher or manager) so they can simply be inputted into the system to save time. The system maintains an audit trail for submitted responses and auto generates email notifications to the investigator detailing the response submitted.

  • Edit Submitted Responses:
    Sponsors/CROs (publishers or managers) can edit and update Investigator response submissions. This new feature enables users to update individual responses as well as allow mass update responses in a single work stream. The system maintains an audit trail for updates and auto generates email notifications to the investigator detailing the updates.

  • New Question Type:
    When adding a new question to a survey, a 'matrix of radio buttons' in the question type section helps users to create questions with multiple answers to a single question. Additionally, the choice of answers provided can be ranked for easy scoring of the submitted responses.

  • Filter Contacts:
    Filter contacts by name, role, organization, phone, and email. This feature can be used with the search option, making it extremely convenient to find contact details in an extensive list. The system captures all 'form types' sent to all contacts for easy access in future.

  • CDA E-Signature Solutions:
    Users can use a built-in signature solution or integrate their DocuSign account with e-feasibility allowing for a more customizable CDA document as well as e-signature capture.

  • Section Based Questionnaire:
    Allows more customization for a personalized questionnaire. Users can now group similar question types into sections that are structured into different pages.

  • Auto Saving Response functionality:
    Every response, edit, and update is captured automatically. Users do not have to worry about data getting lost and Investigators do not have to re-do submissions.

  • Question Title Editing:
    Titles become editable for published questionnaires.

The Trial Interactive platform complies with all current and emerging regulations
including 21 CFR Part 11, ERES, ANNEX 11, GxP, and GDPR.

Reduction in
Feasibility Creation Time

Reduction in
Site Response Time

Reduction in
Review Time

Automate the manual processes associated with site feasibility questionnaire creation, submission, and warehousing

data entry translation

Enable easy online data entry and survey / questionnaire submission

paperless Study Start-Up

Go paperless and store document copy uploads in the cloud

eTMF Solutions

Integrate with our Study Start-Up and eTMF Solutions


Handle CDAs within the module from start to end

Single Sign-On

Secure single sign-on access

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