Electronic ISF

Paperless Site File Management and Remote Site Monitoring
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eISF Highlights

Reduce regulatory compliance risks by organizing documents following study-specific requirements.

  • Configurable document types, index
  • Dashboards & workflows
  • Study links to other central vendor & sponsor portals as needed
  • Separate, configurable folders for content containing PHI
  • Document upload, auto-classification, auto-naming & download
  • Location for common reference documents such as protocol, amendments, training materials & manuals
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • 24/7 help desk (email/phone support)
  • Start-up (1572, financial disclosure) document Signature workflow
  • Learning management system introperability for site personnel & patient training
  • Connected eISF & eTMFrooms
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant e-signature
  • Document de-identification & redaction to protect phi
  • Multiple site access from a single room with controlled, site-specific document access
  • Study FAQs to centralize site questions 
  • Configurable, site-specific reporting

Simplify Site Monitoring Tasks Now!

  • Centralize All Site Documentation Online
  • Expedite Completion of Regulatory Documentation
  • Secure Site Documentation and Personnel Access
  • Streamline Document Processes and CRA Review
  • Comply with Global Regulatory Requirements for Archiving
  • Improve Site and Sponsor Satisfaction
  • Reduce Travel Time and Costs for Study Personnel
  • Maintain Real-Time Inspection Readiness