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TI 10.3 IS HERE!

Expedite TMF document processing and simplify oversight with the newest version of Trial Interactive.

Speed document processing, improve quality, and help bring important treatments to market more quickly with improved TMF automation. Complete essential TMF processes automatically with enhanced AI and machine learning capabilities.

Automate essential TMF processes, simplify oversight on every step in the clinical trial journey, and maintain constant inspection readiness.

Manage amendments, milestones, and any other eTMF changes with TI’s new Events Manager. Export audit trail reporting that provides information on all documents in a room with instant audit trails.

Enhance your clinical trial strategies and meet regulatory requirements with more efficient TMF processes.

Help your study teams operate efficiently and minimize compliance risks.

Achieve greater accuracy and timeliness, so you have more time to focus on bringing life-changing new therapies to patients.

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TI 10.3 Highlights

  • Efficiently manage TMF documents with an author-to-archive approach.

  • Process documents with greater speed and quality with enhanced machine learning.

  • Ensure compliance with the right metrics at your fingertips.

  • Optimize clinical event management.

  • Gain better query visibility with sophisticated query workflows in an enhanced query module.

  • Get certified translations from within the eTMF.

See What's Been Enhanced in TI 10.3:

eTMF document management


Time-saving, convenient, and simple TMF document processing that supports an enterprise, author-to-archive approach with features like query management, planned documents, responsibilities and due date reminders

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tmf automation


Strategically applied machine learning to improve quality and expedite document processing with metadata extraction, auto-classification, and scanning

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clinical researcher on mobile device


Enhanced oversight and compliance via portfolio dashboards with timeliness metrics, eTMF health KPIs, instant audit trials, and the capability to certify copies via mobile device

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clincal researcher on mobile device 2


Ability to manage amendments, milestones, visits, and other updates to the eTMF and apply events to eTMF required document and placeholder definitions

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dark mode


View that enhances concentration and reduces eye strain while looking at screens

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