C3 Summit: Implementing Remote Trial Management - Proven Approaches for a Quick and Effective Launch!

Presented by: Michael Smyth, Division President
Co-Presented by: Penelope Manasco. M.D., CEO, MANA RBM

While adopting new processes and technology is never easy, there is always a strategy to get to the starting line with a lean, effective solution. Remote trial management is no exception. There are fundamental capabilities that are well within the grasp of any sponsor or site of any size, to provide the flexibility, speed, and oversight necessary to operate in uncertain times. In this session, attendees will learn how plan a remote trial management solution that is accessible, scalable, and can be ready to launch in 2021 (or sooner). The panelists will provide tools to help rapidly implement remote trial management capable of eliminating  the top five regulatory inspection findings.

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