Learning Management Systems (LMS)


LMS or Learning Management Systems have widely been adopted to host training materials and streamline the global training of staff for companies. The need for proper training and documentation of this training is even more critical for life sciences companies involved in the development and commercialization of products that is governed by global regulatory agencies. Quality Assurance roles require adequate documentation that all staff working in the development of a product (whether internal staff, consultants, CROs, investigators, study staff, etc.) are trained for the role they serve in the process and have the relevant qualifications to do so. A robust system should allow companies to provide documentation that meets 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and generate reports on compliance meeting the training requirements for each role supporting development.

  • Meet regulatory requirements for training documentation in a secure, cloud-based environment
  • Manage completion records and signatures electronically
  • Facilitate e-learning both internally and with outside vendors
  • Integrate with eTMF to enable visual tracking of training progress

The Trial Interactive platform complies with all current and emerging regulations
including 21 CFR Part 11, ERES, ANNEX 11, GxP, and GDPR.

Access to Training Materials

Reduction in Training Costs

Higher Course Completion Rates

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