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Wednesday, June 5, 2024 | 5:00 PM

Trust the Process - eTMF Vendors Fireside Chat


Gillian Gittens

Director, e-Clinical Strategy and Solutions

Avani Amin

Associate Director, Client Solutions

Henry Raley

Director, Business Development

About the Episode

In this episode of Trust the Process, Gillian Gittens, Director of eClinical Strategy and Solutions, and Avani Amin, Associate Director of Client Solutions sit down with special guest Henry Raley, Director of Business Development, and have discussions about the current trends and considerations in the eClinical field. They go into the evolving industry standards and practices, emphasizing the need for customization to suit individual company requirements. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates the optimism of companies about the future of the clinical research space and the potential for growth and collaborations in the industry.

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