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Covid and Clinical Trials: Remote Investigator Meetings

Tuesday, July 21, 2020    |   10:30 AM–11:30 AM EDT |

Part 4: Clinical Trials and COVID-19 Remote Investigator Meetings

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The novel COVID-19 virus has forced a lot of rapid changes in a very short period. Personally and professionally, we are all learning how to adapt. While restrictions on our day-to-day lives impact where, why, and how we interact, we still can come together as a community to learn, grow, and overcome.

TransPerfect's Trial Interactive presents Part 4 of the Clinical Trials and COVID-19 webinar series with industry-expert Penelope K. Manansco to discuss the best strategy for remote investigator meetings.

Your Site Initiation Visit (SIV) is a perfect opportunity to explore remote capabilities. As we are forced to have contingency plans for uncertain times, having the ability to run remote SIVs will help ensure the progress of a study, while also lending advantages to cost, time, oversight, and efficiency. Part 4 of our webinar series will discuss the following, among other topics:

  1.     Considerations for conducting remote SIVs
  2.     Requirements and technology
  3.     Advantages to going remote
  4.     Organizing remote meetings
  5.     Running remote meetings
  6.     Site training and documentation
  7.     SIV expectations for sites

Our two panelists have collectively spent over two decades leading the industry toward remote processes and developing the methods and solutions to make it possible.

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Michael Smyth

Division President

Penelope Manasco, M.D.