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Rapid Adoption: Why Sponsors and CROs are Racing to Implement a Connected eTMF-CTMS

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Recorded 5.31.2022

In this on demand webinar, Trial Interactive's clinical trial experts explore the rapid adoption of a connected CTMS-eTMF. a must for all clinical leaders, this webinar shares strategic, operational, regulatory, and financial benefits of a seamless CTMS and eTMF integration. watch the webinar to find out why CTMS-eTMF integration has increasingly become imperative for sponsors and CROs around the world.


Topics include:

  • Strategic, operational, and financial outcomes
  • Quality, timeliness, and completeness improvements
  • Regulatory process clarity


Gillian Gittens - Moderator

Director, eClinical Strategy & Solutions

Hope Weisser - Speaker

Senior Product Manager - CTMS

Pierre-Frédéric Omnes

Executive Director