The Trial Interactive Collaborate solution is a Clinical Collaborative Shared Workspace for clinical teams to provide Sponsors, CROs, and Sites a place to share and author documentation to be used in the Clinical Trial and ultimately archived in the eTMF.

Collaborative Authoring provides the capability of directly editing MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in the browser. It also allows multiple authors to simultaneously work on a document, or components of a document, at the same time, much like Google Docs. Reviewers can annotate the document with responses and comment threads as well as integrated online chat. No local software installation is necessary. Using Edit Online, authors also have the ability to instantly open MS Office documents within their native editors and save them seamlessly back to the Shared Workspace.

Shared Workspace for
CROs, Sponsors, and Sites

A single place for Sponsors, CROs, and Sites to share and collaborate on clinical documentation for national and global trials. Collaborate is designed to align document work streams with regulatory compliance practices for document authoring, approval, control, and related training.

Edit Online
& Collaborative Authoring

Sponsors and CROs can coauthor and collaborate on new documentation while Groups have constant access and visibility to essential documents. Author documents by opening MS Word® directly from the interface and use the Collaborative Authoring tool for editing and review by multiple team members.

Integrated With eTMF

Complete the end-to-end process with electronic signature for document approvals. Follow critical processes for metadata, approval, and sign-offs by publishing directly to the TMF.

The Trial Interactive platform complies with all current and emerging regulations
including 21 CFR Part 11, ERES, ANNEX 11, GxP, and GDPR.

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