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Welcome to the TMF Champions Blog Series

Trial Interactive Marketing Team

TMF Expert Insights

Thursday, May 25, 2023 | 2:20 PM


In celebration of Trial Interactive’s remarkable 15-year anniversary, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with LMK Clinical Research Consulting. Together, we will provide you with invaluable insights from seasoned industry experts designed to assist you in fostering a culture of inspection readiness and cultivating TMF Champions within your organization.  

Throughout this series, we will be diving deep into the primary considerations essential for building a team of TMF Champions. Our comprehensive coverage will encompass a wide range of topics, ensuring you fully understand the subject matter. From exploring the indispensable skills required for a successful TMF team to comprehending the true risks associated with your TMF inspection readiness score, delving into the cultural aspects that contribute to a thriving TMF team, and even understanding the unique challenges of TMF review and indexing—we leave no stone unturned. 

We will discuss the significance of analytics functionality for essential TMF insights in the eTMF. We aim to empower you to optimize your TMF processes and achieve efficiency by supplying you with expert knowledge in this area. 

As you engage with this blog series, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your qualifications as a potential TMF Champion. Consider the skills you possess that drive inspection readiness and uphold your TMFs integrity, knowledge, and experience. Furthermore, contemplate whether you already have TMF Champions within your organization—individuals who can play a pivotal role in these endeavors. You may find yourself intrigued by the distinct skills and attributes that set TMF Champions apart from others in the field.  

In the words of Gillian Gittens, Director of eClinical Strategy and Solutions at TransPerfect Life Sciences, “TMF Champions need to be empowered to promote the importance of the TMF and inspection readiness within an organization. They are responsible for maintaining the TMF throughout the clinical trial and are critical to the success of the trial.” 

In addition to their primary responsibilities, TMF Champions can also assist with developing procedures and guidelines, training team members, and coordinating with external parties, such as contract research organizations (CROs), to ensure compliance. The hallmark of these individuals is their commitment to quality. Their passion and dedication to maintaining the quality of TMFs within the trials are pivotal to achieving success.  

Establishing a team of TMF Champions can bring on challenges, but do not fear! This blog series is intended to supply you with the knowledge and guidance needed to overcome any obstacles your team may encounter. By implementing effective quality management practices and managing effective TMF Champions, you have set the stage for success. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming articles that will explore the essential skills needed when creating a TMF team. We are confident that these insights will empower you to build a team of TMF Champions capable of overcoming any hurdles that come their way. 

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