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OCT Europe 2019: Excitement around the Benefits of AI

By TransPerfect Life Sciences

Thursday, June 13, 2019 | 11:59 AM

OCT Europe 2019: Excitement around the Benefits of AI

Last month, TransPerfect Life Sciences attended the Outsourcing Clinical Trials (OCT) Europe conference in Milan. Many of the session topics focused on technology, and more specifically, how it can simplify complex processes related to running clinical trials.

When it came to the adoption of e-clinical technology, several speakers pointed to key motivators for adopting an eTMF solution, including help with oversight, inspection readiness, efficiency, and reporting.

With new technology comes new expectations. Last year, mobile e-clinical technology was novel—now it’s quickly on its way to becoming an accepted component of e-clinical solutions.

This year, artificial intelligence (AI) was the most popular innovation for both speakers and attendees. Study teams are looking for ways to not only digitize their processes, but also make their workflow automated, predictive, and proactive.

With clinical documents executed via digital processes, AI is able to provide benefits such as

  •     Speed processes by anticipating and initiating next steps
  •     Automate various kinds of analysis and oversight
  •     Detect trends in quality
  •     Auto file documents
  •     Predict timelines, approvals, and submissions

All of this happens automatically, in real-time, which can greatly reduce risks produced by human error. That’s important to sponsors because they are the ones ultimately responsible for the data submitted to the eTMF, as Diego Herrera pointed out in his session on clinical data review and study oversight.

All of the buzzworthy topics aside, sponsors and CROs need to make practical decisions about how to use e-clinical technology to improve their study operations. Important questions they need to ask themselves include: What problems do we need to solve now? What problems do we need to solve in six months? A year? Five years? It’s more beneficial for sponsors and CROs to apply a needs-based approach to technology rather than becoming enamored with the latest trend.

As innovators, we are always pushing the limits of what technology can do for our users. However, providing guidance on how teams can successfully adopt and roll out various solutions is paramount.

To learn more about how we can partner to help streamline your clinical study processes, speed the steps to site activation, keep teams inspection ready, and enhance transparency and oversight, contact us at or visit us at

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