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C3 Summit: Conversations on Clinical Content - A Virtual Discussion on Remote Trial Management and the TMF

Thursday, October 1, 2020 | 10:00 AM

Right now, we cannot have too many conversations on remote operations. So much has changed so quickly. Companies of all sizes are in a continuous state of adaptation in response. While the technology available to enable remote processes simplifies operations, adoption of any new solution is still a change that requires updates to SOPs, among other organizational considerations. With so much uncertainty ahead, it is essential we continue to reflect on what has and has not worked, as well as look ahead at innovation that may be required (perhaps even not yet available) to continue to operate in a distributed fashion. It is time to learn from each other and show each other support as often as possible.

Thus was born C3 Summit: Conversations on Clinical Content. The C3 Summit is an initiative to bring sponsors, sites, and CROs together throughout the year to share lessons and insights on clinical content collaboration, management, and oversight. The mission of this new online community gathering is to raise awareness for the most practical approaches for improving quality, reducing risks, and increasing speed throughout all stages of a clinical trial.

The Trial Interactive eClinical innovation team will be joined by industry peers from sponsors, CROs, and sites to host webinar sessions on:
•    eTMF Implementation
•    Remote TMF Inspection Preparation
•    Remote Trial Management
•    AI/ML for Clinical Documents
•    Planning for the Uncertainty of 2021

Whether your team is advanced in your eClinical infrastructure or you are implementing your first eTMF, there is something at the C3 Summit for you. Sessions will deliver insights for cultivating your approach to remote trial management and oversight, with an emphasis on the documentation required to pass regulatory inspections.

It bears repeating we are all in this together. We welcome team members from sponsors, sites, and CROs around the world to joins us on October 13-15, 2020. You can learn more and register here!


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