Endpoint Adjudication

In order to achieve effective endpoint case management, a structured and consistent process needs to be implemented. One of the main advantages of a web-based endpoint adjudication system is its capacity to compile information from various sources to provide a consistent, reliable, and accurate package to be submitted for adjudication. Configurable workflows in Trial Interactive support the proper and timely routing of cases to the adjudicators while reporting on the status of the document in the adjudication workflow.

Trial Interactive provides a collaborative work space for all relevant stakeholders – including investigative site personnel, core labs, and study teams – where these cases can be collected and delivered to adjudicators. Our centralized solution significantly shortens cycle times, eliminates the costs associated with a paper-based system and improves clinical information quality through comprehensive review and reporting capabilities. A Trial Interactive hosted endpoint adjudication system operates securely and efficiently in real-time.

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