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Trial Interactive Suite of Solutions

Cloud Based | Secure | 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Your end-to-end service provider for running streamlined and efficient clinical trials.

New and Improved User Interface

New User Interface


A good user experience is essential for any software platform to improve and increase adoption rates and visibility. With Trial Interactive, there is consistency to the iconography, with window panes and user controls giving our users an enhanced experience across the interface.


Every user in the system has different priorities. Trial Interactive's dashboard offers the option of simple drag and drop configuration so that what's most important to you is exactly what you see. From viewing the status of your eTMF health to monitoring audit documents, Trial Interactive is simple, personal, and efficient.


Better Insights to your actions. Paving the path to our biggest release yet, we have made changes to layouts and easy eTMF overviews, and redesigned notification panels. Assess your eTMF health with real time cross study activity and document status.

You can navigate at the study, country, site, and investigator level section making it easy to see subsets and documents quickly and intuitively.



Automate the manual processes associated with site feasibility questionnaire creation, submission, and warehousing

data entry translation

Enable easy online data entry and survey / questionnaire submission

paperless Study Start-Up

Go paperless and store document copy uploads in the cloud

eTMF Solutions

Integrate with our Study Start-Up and eTMF Solutions


Handle CDAs within the module from start to end

Single Sign-On

Secure single sign-on access

Study Start-Up & eTMF

Collaborate | Track | Enable | Manage

Are you sick of dealing with unreliable and difficult-to-track paper and hard-format media?

Go Paperless

If you're ready for an eTMF, make sure you choose a 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant eTMF solution

Trial Interactive
is the eTMF platform
for over
ongoing studies

Why? Because we
make things


EASY global access, 24/7/365
EASY reporting and audit trails
EASY standardization and centralization of files
EASY risk mitigation
EASY cost savings over traditional TMF
EASY management of submission packages
AND  excellent quality management

Always be Inspection Ready

Hear from Peter Benton, President of Worldwide Clinical Trials,
about their experiences with the Trial Interactive eTMF solution.

Investigator Portal

Store and distribute investigator information

Control the message
Ensure that each investigator is getting the communications required

  • Provide centralized, single sign-on portal for sponsors, vendors, and investigators to collaborate
  • Simplify storage and delivery for study-specific content, documents, and applications
  • Manage calendars, meetings, appointments, and tasks
  • Access team rosters, vendors, and contacts
  • Create site and user profile pages
  • Integrate with e-feasiblity, Study Start-Up, and eTMF documents

Investigator Database

Centrally host global investigator pool lists

Update information in real time

  • Find the right investigators who have the relevant experience, facilities, and access to study patients
  • Employ advanced analytics to identify potential sites
  • Recruit patients in a timely fashion
  • Collect and store data from trackers, feasibility questionnaires, and surveys
  • Provide access to all data in a secure, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant, cloud-based application

Cloud-Based Document Management

Securely host files in a
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant centralized virtual data room

  • Enable access for approved users all over the world
  • Platform available in over 20 languages
  • Create audit trails and enable real-time reporting
Online Content Authoring
Version Control

LMS & Training Management

Our Trial Interactive technology allows organizations to centrally manage, track, and report on enterprise training requirements

  • Meet regulatory requirements for training documentation in a secure, cloud-based environment
  • Manage completion records and signatures electronically
  • Facilitate e-learning both internally and with outside vendors
  • Leverage eTMF integration to enable visual tracking of training process

Integrations & Rich API

Integration with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and Document Management Systems.

  • Schulman IBR
  • Chesapeake
  • Copernicus
  • Please Review
  • Seclore
  • SimpleCTMS
  • Adobe Sign
  • Docusign

Third Party Integration

Single Sign-on Capability

Both Secure & Convenient

Reporting On-Demand Analytics
Integrated Custom Reports

Get Insights with
Visual Reporting


Quality Control

Thought Leadership

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