Electronic Trial Master Files

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

As life sciences companies move to semi-virtual environments keeping only the most vital functions in house, more and more Trial Master Files are being converted to an eTMF format.

Often known as our flagship solution, the Trial Interactive eTMF module was created and designed by users actively using or involved with the execution of TMFs in the Life Sciences Industry. Aligned with the latest version (3.0) of the TMF Reference Model, Trial Interactive provides companies with the ability to set up eTMFs in a matter of hours, allowing access to internal users as well as any partners with high level security access.

Are you sick of dealing with unreliable and difficult-to-track paper and hard-format media?

Go Paperless

If you're ready for an eTMF, make sure you choose a 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant eTMF solution

Trial Interactive
is the eTMF choice
of over
ongoing studies

Why? Because we
make things


EASY global access, 24/7/365
EASY reporting and audit trails
EASY standardization and centralization of files
EASY risk mitigation
EASY to show significant cost savings over traditional TMF
EASY to manage submission packages
AND  excellent quality management

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Always Be Inspection Ready

Drilldown dashlets for real-time overview of eTMF completeness

Placeholders for managing required and expected documents

Real time Report generation capabilities

Comprehensive audit trail

Trial Interactive significantly reduces the costs of corporate IT support, as well as the challenges of tracking all the information with hard copies. It enables you to host your eTMFs online with drag and drop functionality, allowing regulatory administrators to rapidly reorganize content. This accelerates regulatory processes, while providing documentation access to key personnel. With key integrations, Trial Interactive eTMF eliminates the need to use multiple solutions for your clinical needs on a unified technology platform.

Integrated. Innovative. Intuitive.

Integrated with Trial Interactive Suite of Solutions
IRBs, CTMS, & EDC Integrations available
Compliant Digitial & Electronic Signatures
  • Schulman IBR
  • Chesapeake
  • Copernicus
  • Please Review
  • Seclore
  • SimpleCTMS
  • Adobe Sign
  • Docusign

Reduction in TMF costs

Reduction in Process Time

Reduction in TMF audit Time

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