Study Start Up

One of the many challenges in conducting clinical trials is the speed to completion and finalization of essential and regulatory documents by the investigative site personnel. Trial Interactive makes the process more efficient by integrating our Study Start Up module with our eTMF.

Trial Interactive's Study Start Up module offers real-time distribution of Essential Document packages, tracking of completion progress, IRB/EC submission and meeting dates to provide projections of ethics approvals. This yields a faster and more realistic timeline for site activation visible to study teams. Trial Interactive enables you to complete, submit, and securely host clinical trial-related regulatory documents online, significantly speeding up trial processes. The system creates efficiencies through streamlined communication between sponsors, sites, and CROs, driving time and cost efficiencies. Cycle time metrics can be viewed to allow study teams to become more efficient in all future studies.

To find out more about how Trial Interactive can streamline your global Study Start-Up, contact us.