Trial Interactive’s eFeasibility streamlines the global feasibility process for deciding which countries should be in a study based on the disease prevalence, access to patients, regulations, and more. Feasibility can also be conducted at a potential site via questionnaires.

Trial Interactive will reduce administrative time for your investigative sites and data mine for future studies. Our eFeasibility solution eliminates site identification questionnaires from the process. The investigator database allows auto-population and storage of key investigative site information, such as ethics committee dates. The workflow allows for rapid review and approval, as well as e-mail notifications of participation status. Trial Interactive can eliminate the need to request duplicate information.

Protocol feasibility assessment has traditionally meant asking key opinion leaders and scientific advisory boards about the medical feasibility and scientific soundness of the protocol. Sponsors obtain little or no input from the investigators and study coordinators who will eventually conduct the study.

Expecting sites to submit a questionnaire that demonstrates their ability to conduct a study and simultaneously gives thoughtful and honest feedback proves to be difficult – resulting in site selection processes to fail.

Feasibility Assessment is integrated with our Study Start Up module and our electronic Trial Master File solutions. TransPerfect’s eFeasibility solution allows investigators to populate information into a web survey, then relaying the information to the investigators. These surveys can be done completely online or they can be printed out and done in hard copy, and uploaded via email or fax upon preference.

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